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Mediation & Arbitration

Experienced in neutral mediation

For some couples, alternative dispute resolution provides a viable, cost-effective and private route to resolve the issues arising from their marriage breakdown.


Mediation involves parties meeting with an experienced and neutral mediator, and often their counsel, to facilitate the negotiation of a resolution. The parties enter into the mediation process voluntarily.

In family law disputes, mediation is often an effective tool for resolving the issues that arise upon separation. It allows parties to craft creative solutions that meet the needs of their particular family and frequently avoids the need for litigation.


Arbitration is a private dispute resolution alternative. In arbitration, parties agree to forgo their right to bring a claim in court and instead appoint a third party professional to adjudicate their claims. The parties agree to be bound by the decisions of their appointed Arbitrator, subject to agreed upon rights of appeal.

Arbitration allows the parties to tailor the process to match their particular interests and needs: choosing their decision-maker and setting out the various details of the arbitration process. There is a greater opportunity to adopt streamlined and efficient procedures within the arbitration process.

To refer a matter to Craig Perkins for mediation and/or arbitration please contact Betty Hansen at or 647-362-4646

To refer a matter to Martha McCarthy for mediation and/or arbitration, please contact Lisa Young at or 647-362-4646

To refer a matter to Stephanie Giannandrea for mediation and/or arbitration, please contact Christopher Stevens at or 416-238-7627